Goal Diggers Party :: Vision 2020


Goal Diggers Party :: Vision 2020

The dawn of a new year brings with it, freshness, new beginning, renewed energy. Coming up with new plans and goals seems like the easy part. As entrepreneurs we tend to get overly excited and lose ourselves in the planning, imagining the amazing possibilities.

For the whole of January MzansiFinEd was on a mission to communicate the importance of setting goals. In February they want to focus their efforts on the next task which tends to be a stumbling block for most: Executing The Set Goals. To kick off the year with action the Goal Diggers Vision Board Party was created to meet entrepreneurs challenges. The day will kick off bright and early with Business Coach and motivational speaker Lynn Hill, who will present a personal mastery workshop.

We will have a keynote from Brand and Product Development Manager for Natural Hair ORS |Curls Unleashed | Long & Lasting | Long & Lasting Naturals | Vatika | Vatika Afro Naturals the ever beautiful and poised Catherine Williams. The keynote will take us through the importance of preparation and care to reach your desired hair goals.

Mzansi Group CEO Martine Solomon will round off the speaking with a vision book workshop geared to put all your set goals into action and leave nothing to chance.

“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality” – Dr Roopleen

About Mzansi Financial Education and Media Mzansi Financial Education and Media is a specialist in Consumer Financial Education. Established in 2012, Mzansi was born out of the realisation, by its founding shareholders, that a chasm exists in the consumer market regarding financial literacy. Mzansi exists to bridge the gap in emerging markets and equips entrepreneurs with the relevant financial training to grow their business and thrive. For more information about Mzansi Financial Education and Media, visit www.mzansigroup.com or like our Facebook page: Mzansi Financial Education and Media.

For more information regarding the event or media interviews contact Noluthando Nkosi 082 905 0229 noluthando@mzansigroup.com

About ORS (formerly Organic Root Stimulator) is a leader in the ethnic hair care market. Trusted, true and the “original”, our hallmark is exceptional quality, performance and integrity – qualities which we employ to develop and drive the best products for relaxed and natural hair.

For more information regarding the brand or media interviews contact Catherine Williams | catherine.williams@mail.dabur


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